Using web tools to optimise your website

First published: 28/05/2016

There are many tools out there that can help make your website better and best of all they are free.

Here are some of the ones we use while designing.

HTML Minifier
This tool will take and HTML, CSS and JS, and strip out any unneeded code and spaces/tabs to keep the document as small as possible and make your website load faster.

HTML 5 Outliner
At the time of writing this post, the current HTML version is 5. Using this tool will show you how search engines will view the structure of your website. You can upload your webpage file, select a URL or paste the HTML code in to view the outlined source.

google page speed test
Google Page Speed Insight

This tool is a fantastic way not only to get a brief view of how fast your site loads on mobile and desktop view. It also display user experience and gives you tips on how to improve both your website’s speed and user experience.

Markup Validation Service

This tool checks to see if your websites HTML and/or XHTML is well written without any errors. If any errors are found this tool reports back with the issues and what line of code they are on so you can fix it.

By having a good clean valid HTML markup you give your site a better chance of browser compatibility and site usability.

There are literally 1,000s of web developing tools out there and some do more or less the same as the above. Whilst these aren’t guaranteed to give you better search engine optimisation or usability, by using them you are giving your site the best chance.